Monday, January 17, 2022

Technology Built on Heritage


Flare and Flare Systems

Having manufactured and installed many of the world’s largest and most complex flare systems, Howe Baker has consistently shown the ability to satisfy any customer requirement.  In addition to standard utility flares, Howe Baker offers a comprehensive selection of smokeless flares for new installations and retrofits including steam-assisted, gas-assisted, high-pressure/low-pressure, stage, sonic ground and enclosed models.

Howe Baker manufactures flares for numerous applications including refineries, petrochemical and gas plants, offshore platforms, pulp and paper mills, landfills and food processing plants.

Howe Baker also offers comprehensive engineering services to design, build and erect multi-million dollar flare projects.  Howe Baker systems include self-supported, guy-supported and derrick-supported flare stacks as well as offshore boom-mounted flares, portable flares and demountable flares.

Howe Baker also has the ability to develop specialty flares for custom applications.  For example, Howe Baker accepted an industry challenge to develop a crude oil flare which could substantially reduce pollution by decreasing the level of smoke and hydrocarbon fallout produced during offshore well testing.  The result was the introduction of the Howe Baker Flare, rated  more than 99.99% efficient by independent industry testing firms.

Auxiliary flare system equipment available from Howe Baker includes purge reduction devices, liquid seals, knockout drums and the most reliable pilot ignition systems.  Howe Baker also refurbishes existing flares and provides spare parts for their flare equipment and that of other flare manufacturers.